Get a Helicopter Pilot Licence in Slovenia

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Get a Helicopter Pilot Licence in Slovenia

14.07.2008 ob 10:53

Did you know that, in less than half a year, you can obtain a private helicopter pilot licence for somewhat over EUR 20,000? The FLYCOM helicopter company offers you training for the following licences and authorisations within the scope of our flight school:
- private pilot licence PPL (H)
- commercial pilot licence CPL (H)
- flight instructor for private pilot licence
- night VFR
- training for the transportation of goods with helicopter
- CVFR authorisation for flights in the controlled air space
Basic private pilot licence - PPL (H)
We have observed from our experience that candidates wishing to obtain the basic private pilot licence require from 60 to 70 flight hours with the basic Schweizer 300C training helicopter, which is a part of Flycom’s fleet. The current price for one hour (excluding VAT) is EUR 330, and until a pilot does not have a licence, EUR 50 has to be added on top of that to cover the additional expenses of an instructor.
In order to obtain PPL (H), candidates need to undergo a class II medical examination, which is carried out by the aviation committee (for example in Bled) and does not differ significantly from the criterion required for a driver’s licence. As regards the theoretical part, the general part of the lectures is carried out in cooperation with the Alpski letalski center Lesce-Bled aeronautical club (price is approx.: EUR 400-500), while the specialised part for helicopters is carried out by us. The price depends on the number of participants. The theoretical part usually starts in January and concludes in March of the same year, and the training itself starts immediately after the conclusion of basic training lectures and concludes with an examination before a State Examining Board, usually in the same year, depending on the individual candidate.
Commercial pilot licence (CPL (H)) requires 200 helicopter flight hours, class I medical examination, and theoretical part which is conducted by an accredited flight school (approximately 500 hours of lectures). Normally, the theoretical part is organised together with lectures for Adria’s pilots, and lasts approximately 6 months, while the price depends on the number of candidates.
The price of a trial flight is EUR 350.00 (plus VAT) per one hour of operation of the helicopter engine (block time), while the flight itself lasts a minimum of 30 minutes due to the specifics of piston engines (cycles).