Good Manners in the Workplace

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Good Manners in the Workplace

26.09.2007 ob 21:02

For most entrepreneurs, their professional life comes first. The main part of their day is spent at the workplace or performing business obligations. This is also the reason why they know many of their co-workers and business colleagues better than their life partners. It is therefore important to be aware of the role work plays in one’s life and, accordingly, to follow the rules of good behaviour at the workplace. For any entrepreneur who undertakes their business seriously, who is frequently in contact with their business partners and wishes to create an impression of a successful and deliberate entrepreneur, knowledge of good business manners is essential for achieving great business success.

Some of the main traits pertaining to the behaviour of every entrepreneur and that are the basis of good manners during business meetings and encounters with business partners are the following:
- order of the workplace, the office – an appropriate way of organising the place for business meetings,
- punctuality in arriving at the meetings – time is valuable in the business world,
- receiving business partners – handshake, greeting, introduction,
- adequate addressing of business clients, partners,
- business dialogue,
- business communication – use of the telephone during meetings,
- choice of a business apparel, etc.
Good business manners are a part of a company’s everyday life. Appropriate behaviour in a company includes:
- relations between employees,
- relations between women and men in the company,
- addressing the co-workers, formal or informal,
- resolving difficulties, disputes and other problematical situations within the company,
- business social events within the company – various celebrations, etc.
The work of successful entrepreneurs often takes them beyond national boundaries. Business transactions with the rest of the world also require an adequate type of behaviour:
- observing the distinctive features of individual countries – customs and usage,
- travelling with business partners and clients – travel by airplane or car,
- knowledge of foreign languages,
- choice of business apparel – taking care of your personal appearance also during travel.
Furthermore, business life implies offering gifts to business clients, social business events, business lunches and similar events:
- business gifts – the value and the content of the gift,
- form of the invitation to a social business event – the manner of sending the invitation, the form, and the content,
- choice of the occasion for the meeting – business dinner, lunch, evening event, concert,
- choice of appropriate apparel for the occasion.

It is important to master and observe good business manners for different occasions. Applying good business manners and work communication have greater significance than we know. Without overstating, by finding and acknowledging the weak points, as well as improving our business behaviour, we contribute to greater business success.

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