How to Think in Order to Become a Successful Businessperson

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How to Think in Order to Become a Successful Businessperson

03.06.2008 ob 08:40

Everyone longs for success, however, only few are aware that it is only their thinking and their perception of the world around them that comes between them and success. With the right kind of thinking, the human mind is able to achieve unimaginable things and overcome all obstacles.

However, the greatest problem is that people find it very hard to start making changes in their lives. The mode of thinking and attributes that lead to success in professional and private life can vary from person to person, nevertheless, numerous research have revealed certain traits that are common to all successful people.

A great majority of people who have succeeded in their professional lives do what makes them happy. This is of paramount importance, as in the long run people can only do things that they enjoy. One of the most successful Slovenian businessmen, Ivo Boscarol, made it in aviation, which is a part of his life. The same goes for Igor Akrapovič, Joc Pečečnik, or, if you require an example from around the world, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet.

All of the abovementioned people had a vision. Henry Ford once said that his vision was actually like a glimpse into the future, a prophecy. Deep down inside, he believed that he will make it, and he dedicated his entire life to his dream. He did not cared about the obstacles, problems and downfalls. When he failed, he got up again and continued with newly gained knowledge and even greater momentum.

It is exactly this capability that truly separates successful people from unsuccessful ones. We all experience downfalls. It is completely natural. However, it is the actions one takes afterwards that show the true power of a person and one’s wish to succeed.

Successful people are capable of picking themselves up even after the worst failures and learn from them. This shows their exceptional eagerness to learn and to grow personally. A conviction that acquiring knowledge is a bygone when school is over is very popular among high school and university students.

It has been scientifically proven that humans only use a few percents of their brain. If we do not learn anything new, are we thus in danger of our brain dying away? Joking apart! In times when humanity is progressing faster than ever before in history, daily learning is vital for normal functioning.

Donald Trump, a real estate mogul, dedicates a few hours of his precious time each day to go through newspapers from all over the world in order to stay up-to-date and consequently competitive. Now, more than any time in the past, the ability to extract the essence from a massive amount of information and to link information from various fields is required. Innovation, which has been talked about so much in recent years, is nothing more than looking at things from a different perspective, linking know-how from seemingly completely different fields.

Thomas Alva Edison, a man who invented the light bulb, once said, “I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.” Let this sentence encourage you, do not fear failure, advance each day and keep moving your borders further away. When you start enjoying all of this, success will come automatically.

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Source: Finance, 16 May2008, www.finance.si, Author: Borut Jeglič


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