Joc Pečečnik – Slovenian Top Businessman

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Joc Pečečnik – Slovenian Top Businessman

16.04.2008 ob 08:10

At this year’s 13th Slovenian Marketing Conference, held on 27 and 28 May 2008 in Portorož, the most successful Slovenian entrepreneurs and directors will be speaking about their business development and success as seen through the marketing eyes: Joc Pečečnik (Elektronček), Angelika Mlinar (Angelski keksi), Mateja Jesenek (Mercator), Sandi Češko (Studio Moderna), Janez Škrabec (Riko), and others, to mention but a few.

The two-day program will be the following:
• 27 May from 16:20 to 18:00, the directors Joc Pečečnik (Elektronček), Sandi Češko (Studio Moderna), Maria Anselmi (Bisnode) and Mateja Jesenek (Poslovni sistem Mercator) in a round table discussion on “What counts in the eyes of the customer?”
• 28 May from 14:00 to 15:30, the entrepreneurs Boštjan Kozole (Eurosad), Auguštin Penič (Viva La Musica Augustin) and Angelika Mlinar, Ph.D. (Angelski keksi), in a round table discussion opened by Janez Škrabec (Riko), will discuss the dilemma about “How do entrepreneurs perceive the customer?”
All of the above mentioned participants will answer a few questions to the Marketing Conference hosts:
• How do you perceive the customer?
• What is it that counts in the eyes of your customer?
• Do you sell what you know how to produce or what your consumers want?
• How do you establish that?
• What is your connection to entrepreneurship, marketing and management?
In the piece below are the answers that Nastja Mulej, M.A., received to the above cited questions from Joc Pečečnik, the director of the Elektronček company, together with his biography and the story of his success in his own words.

Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček

“During the recent period mainly, it has been almost impossible to open a newspaper or a magazine without my name or the name of one of my companies or projects being mentioned there somewhere... As for me, I can describe myself primarily as a happy person who loves his life, his family, the environment he lives in, and only secondly as a successful entrepreneur to whom the world is the border and whose main interest are not indices and numbers. What interests me in life are not capital and wealth; these are the consequences of good and hard work. The capital is the means, while the wealth is the head that has to be in the right place.”
“I have always had the feeling that I have to accomplish something in my life. To me, success is the realisation of an idea, which means that my business success is the consequence of sincere enjoyment in doing my work”.

In continuation are his answers:

1. How do you perceive the customer?
Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček: I perceive the customer as the most important element in creating business success, as he/she is the one who judges, the one who promotes and the one who pays. We think a lot about the customers and wish to please them and satisfy their needs in every respect.

2. What is it that counts in the eyes of the customer?
Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček: In the eyes of all customers, including of course ours, it is their own value that counts. In our companies, we endeavour every day, through professional approach, top quality service and products, and through individual treatment, to show our customer that we depend on him/her and that the basic goal of our company is to assure his/her success and satisfaction in using our products. Since in the world of games the effect of a gaming machine can be measured every day, it was this approach precisely that has allowed us many times to beat a much bigger and stronger competition that cannot guarantee an individual approach and the kind of flexibility that our companies can.

3. Do you sell what you know how to produce or what your consumers want?
Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček: We sell what we are good at and what our customers want. If we sell what the customers want, it is them who take on the risk; if we sell the products we estimate are “right” according to the market and the location, we also take on the financial risk for their operations.

4. How do you establish that?
Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček: In our industry, this is very simple because the success of our products is measured by the machine’s daily financial gain. It is our task to analyse the wishes of the players and prepare the conditions for them to grow to like our products. Since there are special circumstances in each individual country, we apply adaptations and very unified products.

5. What is your connection to entrepreneurship, marketing and management?
Joc Pečečnik, Elektronček: In fact, my function is one of an entrepreneur. As a member of the administration, my function is more an obligation than a wish. My entrepreneurial ideas and the strategy I am developing are an actual interpretation in the real environment: at the beginning of new projects, I am the one who decides the way an idea or a strategy will be established in a live environment, which means that I am also the head of the marketing.

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