About Accounting in Slovenia in a slightly different way

About Accounting in Slovenia in a slightly different way related articles

About Accounting in Slovenia in a slightly different way

25.03.2008 ob 22:25

Do you require an accountant, an accounting service, a secretarial service?
Unlike the classic accounting services, accountants now perform their work at your company. They bring their portable computer with all the software. They need a little space, a chair, and then the work can begin. VAT, salaries, open positions, advice... Everything is at arm’s reach and in your office. It is important to provide support to the client, which is something that the regular accounting services do not offer. This concerns primarily business and accounting administration. We have looked at the Moj racunovodja, d. o. o. company as an example of a company whose activity involves the outsourcing of their accountants to clients who expect more from an accounting service…

"The project undertaken in Slovenia two years ago by the Moj racunovodja d. o. o. company today employs 8 gainfully employed colleagues, offering their services to more than 140 contractual partners."

The Ljubljana-based Moj racunovodja, d. o. o. company specializes in all types of accounting and administrative work. By employing professionally qualified personnel, it guarantees professional and expert provision of services. All the services are rendered at their own or at client’s premises, while their response time is very short because their clerks are mobile and have complete software and hardware at their disposal. Their working hours are adjusted to meet the client’s needs. According to them, the advantage of hiring an accountant is that it saves both time and money, and offers a personal approach. Companies or company owners only use these services when and to the extent required – they thus pay only for the hours actually worked. Hiring an accountant also means savings in terms of costs of gainful employment such as pay for annual leave, sick leave, holidays, cost of renting and equipping a workplace as well as saving the time invested in recruiting personnel.

Advantages for the client
• accountants render services at your place of business,
• accountants adjusts to your activities,
• no additional charge for consulting services,
• provision of concurrent information and consulting with regard to VAT,
• personal consulting and provision of information,
• all documentation stays in your company,
• prompt accounting, examination of open positions, managing business events.

The services can be classified in two main sets:

Management of accounting

• managing books of account,
• posting and allocation to accounts,
• VAT accounting,
• labour cost accounting,
• production of annual accounts,
• various reports,
• bookkeeping of goods, raw materials and supplies,
• keeping records on fixed assets.

Accounting administration involving:
• invoicing,
• payment transactions,
• payroll ,
• preparation of payment and travel orders,
• preparation of documentation for accountancy and complete business correspondence,
• collection of claims over the telephone or by way of collection letters,
• compilation and preparation of correspondence letters,
• management of documentation on loans, leases, insurances,
• sending e-mails, faxes and mail; photocopying, scanning, etc.,
• archiving, managing documents.

If you are in the process of deciding whether to change your accounting service or not, it is worth considering what, in the deluge of many suppliers on the market, someone can offer you in the long-run and at what price, as well as the manner of managing your documentation. You may find very quickly that, after the sweet promises and a low price, an accounting service can turn into a real “expensive” nightmare.



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