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13.09.2008 ob 09:55

How to improve sales? What is the decisive factor that affects the customer's choice?

Unlike other types of sales (by catalogue, Internet and similar), the success of personal sales is based on personal communication between salesperson and customer. Beside rational arguments, the customer's decision is also influenced by emotions and other factors that have little to do with logical argument for the decision to buy.

It was once believed that each brain hemisphere is specialised – one for emotion and the other for reason - and that each of them operates independently. Today we know that, in fact, the opposite is true. It is only the integration of both brain halves that makes behaviour and mental processes possible. This integration in turn leads to decisions different from what they would be if each brain half worked independently.

Many scientists and other people involved in sales spend their entire career finding out which psychological factors affect sales levels. Professor Gerald Zaltman of the Harvard Business School discovered that 95% of decisions to buy are made subconsciously. Our decisions are first made on the subconscious level and only later justified by logic and reason, which help us back up our decision. It is therefore not surprising that the salesperson's influence on the decision to buy is so great.

What sets personal sales apart from marketing is the relationship involved. A relationship is also an excellent basis for further growth. Moreover, many surveys have confirmed that this relationship is a decisive factor in sales results. On the whole, positive relationships have an important effect on people's health and performance at work, which in turn leads to greater job satisfaction, higher income and more success in general.

Nowadays sales is considered a never-ending race against the competition. New rivals keep coming on the market while the existing competitors continue to evolve and improve. It is important for successful salespersons and their managers to invest in their personal and professional development. Let attending seminars, workshops, congresses and reading professional literature become the order of the day.

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