Tips on How to Communicate Better at the Workplace

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Tips on How to Communicate Better at the Workplace

18.07.2008 ob 11:33

Every employee is confronted with various ideas and opinions at their workplace. It is sometimes difficult to attract someone’s attention so that they listen to you, or to talk openly about your ideas and those of your workmates. The following tips will help you establish more open communication.
1. Try to see things from the other person’s viewpoint

Your colleagues might be comparing their ideas with yours. Try to perceive your proposal from their point of view. Think of questions which they could ask and predict the possible answers.

2. Feel the ideas of others
You should be aware that your colleagues are just as enthusiastic about their work as you are. If you accept their opinions and ideas with an open mind, you might discover new horizons of which you haven't even dreamt before. Hence, your workmates will openly embrace and become genuinely interested in your ideas and opinions. You will achieve even more if you include your ideas and those of your workmates into projects.

3. Respect other people's ideas

Never say, “You are wrong”. Your colleagues have their own views and ideas, and wish to share them with others just like you. Their views differ from yours - which, however, does not mean they are useless and good-for-nothing. A negative response and comments on your part may lead to a protective “wall” or disagreement, or it may even mean the end of your cooperation.

4. Express your ideas convincingly
Rejoice at the work accomplished, which is based on examples and facts. Pay attention to your workmates’ opinions and give honest consideration to their proposals.
If you put the above-mentioned advice into practice at your next meeting, your colleagues will embrace your ideas with more respect, and you will become a better listener.